Monday, 26 August 2013

Would-be British Doctors Rejected & Forced Abroad, Incompetent Foreign Quacks Imported - Make Sense?

The filthy traitors that rule over us from Whitehall tell us over and over again that we 'need' to import thousands of foreign doctors each year, as we allegedly haven't enough gifted homegrown people aspiring to join the medical profession. Without our 'beloved' imports, they say, the NHS would simply collapse. Yet, as we can see, the scoundrels are deliberately making it extremely difficult for aspiring young would-be doctors here in Britain.

The NHS currently registers around 13,000 new doctors every year. However, there are only around 6,000 places per year for medical courses at British universities. As a result, huge numbers of 'Straight-A' young people are turned away. So, in order for the NHS to make up the numbers, thousands of foreign doctors, many of them with dubious backgrounds, are imported to (un)care for and (mis)operate on our sick and dying.

Many of these foreign doctors are struck off for malpractice after frequently misdiagnosing illnesses and administering concoctions of weird substances to patients that they are about as familiar with as the unwitting patients themselves. Meanwhile, universities are turning away thousands of our best and brightest young White people that are desperate to become doctors. They are instead encouraged to take on a pointless brain-polluting course like media studies, sociology or god knows what else. (I would advise giving university a miss than put yourself through that.)

Those who are still determined on a career in the medical profession have to go abroad in order to get themselves trained up, and in the process get themselves and their parents up to their eyeballs in debt. Is this right? Is this sane? How on earth are the traitors in government getting away with this scandal? Why aren't there massive student demonstrations thronging on the streets of Westminster, demanding that this issue be addressed? We must adopt policies that ensure there are more courses for medical students, enough to make our NHS self-sufficient and our hospitals populated with good White doctors that are proficient English speakers . This alone would have a massive morale boosting effect that would help patients along the road to recovery.

James Mac.


Friday, 9 August 2013

Homosexual Media Hate Campaign Against Russia

I am sceptical about these so-called Russian ‘gay bashing’ videos that we see floating about the Internet. What is even being said here? Are there any translators? Any accurate subtitles? I haven’t seen them. The ‘gay media’ and those uploading such videos state that the vigilantes, or ‘Neo-Nazis’ as they prefer to call them, that make these exposé videos are terrorising ‘gay’ men. But for all we know the ‘victims’ really could be predatory pedophiles or hebephiles. We cannot judge properly because we don’t know what is being said. 

There is one fellow, Stinson Hunter, going around Britain doing something similar to these Russian vigilantes & uploading videos to YouTube. He confronts pedophiles after pretending to be an underage girl looking for sex with an older man, getting their shocked reaction before giving them a piece of his mind. Though Stinson doesn't physically assault the suspects, it could certainly be argued that he is inciting others to commit violence, or even murder, simply by making these videos available online and exposing these creatures to the baying mob. I have witnessed some of these videos where the situation came close to becoming violent after this self-styled ‘journalist’ publicly exposed one suspect in the street when he was trying to make a run for it. 

I personally do not condone such violent behaviour myself, as I have long been a critic of what I term ‘Lynch Mob Britain,’ so it would be hypocritical of me to do so. I am more in favour of good old law and order, with a fair trial and all. If a person has evidence that a potential child molester is on the prowl, I believe it right and proper that one should inform the authorities and let them take care of the situation from there. However, it cannot be denied that a large proportion of the British public receive these videos with overwhelming approval. Many people, arguably roused by an overdose of media exposure to this sensitive issue in order to scare and control them, believe that the authorities take insufficient action against offenders. 

In these Russian humiliation videos, as we have noted, most of us don't know what is being said, and it appears that English speaking Russian viewers are saying that the ‘victims’ really are pedophiles that were arranging to meet up with what they believed to be young boys, which is, apparently, against the law in Russia. That would make sense to me, as why else would we have such articles and videos with emotive titles as ‘Gay Teenager Kidnapped and Tortured by Russian Neo-Nazis,’ but without any proper English subtitles? If this turns out to be the case, and the 'victims' really are up to no good, what will the position be of those now condemning these vigilantes as ‘knuckle draggers’ etc. and the Russian people as a whole? What will they make of the devious ‘Gay Media’ and odious militant ‘gay’ activists in general?

These handwringing memes that we find circulating around the Internet always seem to put a lot of emphasis on supposed Russian ‘Neo-Nazis’ carrying out these vigilante attacks, and that the Russian government is somehow complicit in all of it. All because one or two of them have short hair apparently. Well, I struggle to believe this. I have found little to no evidence that Putin and Co. are in any way sympathetic towards National Socialists. I struggle to believe that ‘Neo-Nazis’ would be so willing (and stupid enough) to happily reveal their faces in such videos against ‘innocent gays,’ as no doubt the authorities in Russia would use this as an excuse to hunt down ‘Nazis’ with all the zeal of Soviet commissars during the Holodomor. No, I imagine that these people are just ordinary rough and ready young Russians that sincerely believe they are doing the right thing, and having a bit of fun at the same time.

There is a hell of a lot of anti-Russian propaganda going about for various reasons. I think it unacceptable that people in the ‘west’ casually condemn an entire nation - and these ‘liberals’ do this with a self-righteous abandon that borders on the psychopathic - based on a few dubious articles and questionable videos and popular government policies. Overly emotional so-called ‘liberals,’ stirred into an hysterical frenzy, are calling for Russia to be starved and isolated, or even ‘nuked,’ without first looking at all the details or requiring a proper translation of what is going on. Is that fair? I always thought that civilised people wanted to know all the facts before formulating an opinion. Perhaps I am overly idealistic. :-/

Also, frankly, if the Russian people want laws that curb and prosecute the (key word) *promotion* of homosexuality, surely that is their business. Who are we, or rather these ‘liberal’ extremist bigots, to say they shouldn't do this, or that the country ought to be boycotted for having such laws? After all, Qatar punishes homosexuality with hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences, and they are hosting the 2022 World Cup. Saudi Arabia punishes homosexual acts with the death penalty, and they are our ‘friends’ apparently. The Russian people, however, support moderate laws that seek to avert the promotion of unhealthy and degenerative lifestyles and we have high profile ‘celebrities,’ like Stephen Fry, calling for an ‘absolute ban’ on Russia hosting the Winter Olympics. :-/

There is a good saying that I think is worth remembering: if criticism and condemnation is selective, it’s as phoney as hell. Certain interest groups in this world have agendas against some countries and not others. Why don't we have such videos and viral news stories about the laws and mistreatment of homosexuals in the aforementioned countries? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? It makes me wonder at least.

To the best of my knowledge, the Russian government, backed overwhelmingly by the Russian people, takes the position that what goes on behind closed doors between consenting adults is their business. They're just not too keen on debauched ‘Gay Pride’ parades, ‘Gay Marriage,’ etc., and other forms of promotional deviant activity campaigns, which they term ‘homosexual propaganda’. For this they have quite sensible and moderate laws for which this behaviour will be penalised. Most normal people agree with this position.

Although the Russian people have endured a Bolshevist tyranny for over 70 years, and though many Russians would still regard themselves as communists or socialists, they are nevertheless still a deeply patriotic and socially conservative society. Why should good honest people be punished for holding traditional family values and safeguarding the sanctity of the family unit? It just does not make sense.

James Mac.