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The Fear of Being Called a Racist Leads to Children Being Raped

The Fear of Being Called a Racist Leads to Children Being Raped

Jane Everdene
Western Spring
September 23, 2014
An article on the BBC News website dated 30 August 2014 has the title ‘The Fear of Being Seen as Racist’.
Referring to events in Rotherham, in which it was exposed that around 1,400 of the town’s White girls had been abused, raped and passed around for torture and sexual pleasure by Asian men, the article states: “fear of being viewed as racist has been cited as one of the reasons why child sexual exploitation in Rotherham was allowed to proliferate for 16 years.”
“A fear to confront the subject of race ultimately stopped the council engaging with the wider Rotherham community about the problem, the report suggested.”
According to sources such as the Oxford English Dictionary it was the Jewish Communist Leon Trotsky who coined the word ‘racism’, although this is not entirely corroborated. Certainly the word has been used in an ideological sense by Trotsky and the exact details are not relevant. What is beyond doubt is that the word is employed routinely in the present culture as a weapon with which to silence and accuse. Indeed the word ‘racism’ is aimed as a derogatory insult applied uniquely to White people.
What is meant by the epithet ‘racist’ cannot be pinned down as it is used whenever it suits to score a hit against White people or White interests. Amongst most Whites the view is that taking a violent hatred against another person for the sole reason that they differ to yourself racially is unjust and cruel. This is the most common definition given for ‘racism’ when asked. In practice, however the term ‘racist’ is widely aimed at someone who has not demonstrated any hate of other races but who has simply acknowledged the existence of racial differences. That is all it takes!
The real reason the epithet ‘racist’ was created was to attack and hurt the White race, specifically, and to help in the genocide of our race. Feelings of shame and fear of prosecution, social ostracism, loss of career, etc if accused of being ‘racist’ scare people into silence and this is the fear that the BBC headline on Rotherham refers to.
Blackmailing in this way has created the climate in which millions decide it is prudent to comply with the gagging and not to rock the boat, staying silent and carefully avoiding being recorded as being ‘racist’.
In the light of the 1400 White girls raped and pimped systematically by Asians in Rotherham, this fear of being called ‘racist’ effectively means that those who comply by staying silent are complicit in the crime of child rape.
If instead the observers had put moral duty before cowardly cringing over a pathetic word and gangster-like threats by authorities, those girls could never have been abused en mass as they were.
The abuse of countless other White girls by such Asian men continues in other towns around Britain as well as other crimes committed by non-whites who are unchallenged due to the selfish paralysis or confusion over just what one can object to these people doing if they are members of an immigrant community.
It is a moral duty to speak out against crimes targeting our children – including drug dealing. The paedophilia in this case was a racially defined crime. It is no less objectionable when the culprits are White individuals abusing children – but in those cases the fear of being labeled as racist does not come into play and people will generally do something about it and tell the authorities. If the criminal is not one of the protected establishment elite they are quickly put on trial. The matter of the paedophilia in the establishment is tied in with the immigrant paedophilia as abusers from the very anti-racist Great and Good are supplied with victims from the same care homes that many of the Asian men procured their victims from. This article does not aim to explore that aspect in any detail.
The non-Whites involved in these crimes have a racial contempt for White people. Other races routinely discriminate on the basis of race and commit horrendous crimes particularly against our own White kindred.
Simply for a White person to favour our own race by being RACIALLY LOYAL we are denigrated as being haters and ‘racist’. This even though we may hope and try to be civil to people of other races in the expectation that the other individual will be similarly considerate to us. It is all as nonsensical as if someone was accused of being familyist’ because they love their own close relatives somewhat more than they love total strangers. Imagine such a crime being written into law with the assumption being that if you are loyal to your family, your wife/husband, children or your parents you must surely hate those who are not in your family – such as your neighbours or absolutely anyone not that close to you. Yet that is how we have been taught to view racial loyalty, but only in the case of White racial loyalty. Somehow even though so many fellow Whites regard the idea of White racial loyalty as a bad thing, these people applaud or admire when another race or religious group pull together to work as a collective. Other races are congratulated for working to advance their group interests at the expense of the Whites who are portrayed as historical oppressors.
None of this is justifiable when one tries to take an objective view of things. It is not normal for humans to think objectively however. Human nature is to be biased as well as manipulated. In fact, our genetic interest should also mean we Whites are loyal to our race, just as other races are to their own. Nature intended this in the same way that we show preference to close kin. Science records ‘kin selection’ as an instinct vital to mammal psychology and a source of self-sacrifice, kindness, generosity and love as well as a healthy sense of identity. All human beings need a sense of identity and our modern extremist taboo against the racial aspect of identity causes mental illness. It leads to a sense of loss of purpose, depression and failure – leaving White people at a disadvantage compared to the other races who are encouraged to embrace a racial identity even when they are of mixed race.
White people going through their lives as rootless individuals unable to embrace their racial identity and forbidden to discriminate, while indoctrinated to feel guilt for any antipathy towards immigrants are seen by the outsiders as clear victim material. They are targeted like disorientated prey by predators. The girls of Rotherham – lambs to the slaughter clearly dangled as temptation to the Asian predators.
The girls had been indoctrinated to view these immigrants as friendly, attractive and glamorous. They are taught in the perverted sex education at school to experiment sexually at an early age and copy the media that pushes over-sexualised imagery of how young women should dress and conduct their relationships. Adults did not warn the girls about this danger. They left it to the system to direct the girls straight into trouble. Even as the girls became embroiled in the abuse the adults turned a blind eye allowing atrocities to happen – out of sight, out of mind. Just so that they would remain respectable non-discriminating participants of multiracial society. Their conformity means they are culpable for the horrendous experiences of the young victims.
When news broke of the industrial scale of the pimping by Asian men of these poor White girls, the public was duly shocked. Questions were asked as to how this was allowed to happen. For the first time in our hysterically anti-racist, anti-White society even mainstream media outlets spoke out about the need to acknowledge the part race plays in this tragedy. People have to change their perspective and stand up to be counted as proud to be ‘racist’ if that really is a prerequisite to demand justice, the guilty charged and their vile practice stamped out.
It is time to shake off the stigma of the accusation of ‘racist’ and see such an accusation instead as if it were a badge of honour. To be a ‘racist’ is to be someone who cares, who stands up against oppression and bullying and who will not look the other way when the welfare of children is concerned. Our children must be raised to value themselves, to have a racial identity and pride that prevents them admiring other groups who have this quality they lack and acting like love struck poultry around hungry foxes. They must learn to discriminate and keep to their own.
Fear of being seen as racist has been exposed as a scourge in our society. Far from being ‘institutionally racist’ as the Ferguson Report stated, the Rotherham scandal has shown the police and social services are institutionally ANTI-racist, with devastating results. Fear of being called ‘racist’ leads to children getting raped.

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Why Not Toss it All Down the Well?

First Image: White kids dressed up as mohammedans: terrible, says BNP. 
Second image: White kids dressed as ancient Jews: acceptable, says BNP. 

I’m no fan of Islam, or mohammedanism as I prefer to call it, but it seems to me mighty strange that the BNP and other so-called ‘patriotic’ groups here in Britain take such grave offence to White kids being herded like cattle into mosques whilst draped in primitive mohammedan attire, yet they oddly have little to no objection to these same innocent White children having to dress up as Jews and other riffraff during the school nativity play. 

In a recent BNP piece, LINK HERE, parents are urged to take advantage of the law, ‘Section 25 of the 1944 Education Act and the 1988 Education Act,’ and withdraw their children from such lessons in religious education. The author of the piece has even gone to the trouble of writing a form letter for concerned parents to send into the schools. That is fair enough I suppose, but I imagine the head teacher might raise an eyebrow when one of these parents comes knocking at the door asking why their child has been excluded from the nativity play and daily assembly hymns. 

If parents do complain about such an exclusion, because little Jesse always loved singing along to ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’ and ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands,’ they will inevitably be accused of ‘racism!’ and all manner of nasty things may ensue. Think children taken away into ‘protective custody’ from evil racist monster parents for example.  

Personally I suggest ditching all of this primitive Abrahamic, spook-chasing, desert dogma rubbish. Throw it all down the well, along with the bastards who originated this mind scrambling poison in the first place. Yeah. In future, let’s have our White children dressing up as and celebrating our White warrior heroes, either of myth, legend or history. Let us celebrate our own cultural heritage.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sometimes Opening Your Eyes May be The Most Painful Thing You Ever Have to do.

Sometimes opening your eyes may be the most painful thing you ever have to do. White people awake!

Matt Hale Birthday Soon

Matt Hale, a Reverend of the religion of Creativity, is incarcerated in an American dungeon after being railroaded by the corrupt and outrageously evil anti-White US authorities.

Hale has been in the so-called ‘Florence ADMAX’, or ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies,’ for 10 years now, held in solitary confinement for supposedly soliciting an undercover FBI informant to kill a federal judge. This is an informant, by the way, that Hale knew to be up to no good, and humoured the disgusting miscreant accordingly. 

In reality, Matt Hale has been given a 40 year prison sentence for no other reason than being an articulate voice for the pro-White Cause. 40 years! Can you imagine that? This is unthinkable in any civilised country, even if he really was guilty of a crime that led to no deaths or physical injuries whatsoever. 

This is what it says on Wikipedia regarding ’soliciting to murder’ here in Britain: ‘Initially, a person guilty of an offence under section 4 was liable on conviction to penal servitude for a term not more than ten and not less than three years or to be imprisoned for a term not exceeding two years, with or without hard labour.

From 1948 to 8 September 1977, the maximum sentence was imprisonment for a term of ten years.’ 

Now that sounds a lot fairer, doesn’t it? With good behaviour, you could be out in 5 or 6 years. Matt Hale should have been well out of prison and starting a family by now, even if he really was guilty. Yet here is a man banged up in a maximum security prison for the best part of his life, that is if he ever manages to get out at all. 

How can any half-way decent pro-White person, who isn’t completely insane with hatred due to a deranged christ-insane hangup, or any other hangup, not feel sympathy for this fellow? Matt Hale is by no means perfect, and I understand that many have their differences, but surely he does not deserve this horrible injustice?

Now, in just a few days time, the 27th of July, it will be Matt Hale’s 43rd birthday. Recently I and several other White Loyalists here in the UK sent him a simple birthday card in order to wish him well and keep his spirits high. We would strongly urge others to do the same. It may be the difference between sanity and insanity. What could be worse than feeling abandoned? White Loyalist Martyrs must know they are in our thoughts.

Please find the strength to keep your spirits high;
Good shall prevail and crush this heinous lie.

From Matt’s mother: 
‘You may write to Matt at the following address:                    
Matthew F. Hale 15177-424
USP Florence Admax
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, Co. 81226

Matt will enjoy hearing from you and he answers every letter.’

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nature’s Eternal Religion Audio Book Two - Complete & Unabridged

Chapter One: Nature & Religion Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 01 - Nature and Religion.mp3

Chapter Two: Your Loyalty: A Sacred Trust Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 02 - Your Loyalty.mp3

Chapter Three: The Purpose of Life Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 03 - The Purpose.mp3

Chapter Four: The 16 Commandments Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 04 - 16 Commandments.mp3

Chapter Five: Germany, Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism Klassen - NER Book 2 - Chapter 05 -  Germany Adolf Hitler NS.mp3

Chapter Six: Racial Socialism

Chapter Seven: The Leadership Principle.

Chapter Eight: Foundations of Our White Society

Chapter Nine - The Importance of Land & Territory.

Chapter Ten - Manifest Destiny.

Chapter Eleven: Mohammedanism: The Power of a Militant Religion.

Chapter Twelve: Queen Isabella - The Inspired Crusader

Chapter Thirteen: Mormonism - A Better Fraud

Chapter Fourteen: Christianity and Communism: Jewish Twins

Chapter Fifteen: Creativity vs. Christianity

Chapter Sixteen: Christianity Peculiarly Vulnerable

Chapter Seventeen: False Leadership

Chapter Eighteen: False Ideas Disseminated by Jews

Chapter Nineteen: Respect for Whose Law & Order?

Chapter Twenty: Facts Myths and Lies

Chapter Twenty One: Evidence Judgement Conclusions & Decisions

Chapter Twenty Two: My Own Spiritual Awakening

Chapter Twenty Three: Guideposts Along the Path of Life

Chapter Twenty Four: Advantages of Being Self-Employed

Chapter Twenty Five: Horatius at the Bridge

Chapter Twenty Six: Latin: Civilization's Foremost Language

Chapter Twenty Seven: Road to Greatness

Chapter Twenty Eight: Our Brilliant Future

Beethoven Complete

Creation - Charles Darwin Biographical Film

Watched the film ‘Creation,’ about the life of Charles Darwin, starring Paul Bettany. It was a good film, covering Darwin’s relationship with his precocious and doting eldest daughter, Annie, and the tense relationship with his superstitious and god-fearing wife, Emma. And, of course, the film also covers his research and struggles (and procrastination) as he labours to write his groundbreaking ‘On the Origin of Species’ (or ‘The Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life’). A film I would highly recommend to others, if only for the hilarious scene near the beginning where the silly White Christians attempt to civilise and Christianise a pair of Fuegian savages from South America, only to have the hare-brained experiment end in complete failure when the would-be missionaries discard their polite society attire and rejoin their primitive and unclad tribe. However, the film also helps bring home to us the uncomfortable fact of just how backward our own thinking was in the middle of the nineteenth century. I still struggle to accept that so many otherwise intelligent people at that time were making such a big fuss about whether they should embrace the overwhelming evidence presented by observation of the natural world, which indicated that the species of the world evolved through natural selection over millions of years, or the ignorant  ‘god snapped his fingers’ nonsense as set forth in the Genesis story of the Jewish bible. To think that this issue actually caused rifts in families and otherwise lifelong friendships to cease. Damn that Jewish brain-rot. :-/ 

A Closer Look at John 8:44

‘Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.’ (King James Version)

You have all no doubt heard this oft quoted and overhyped passage, especially if you have ever encountered the deluded Christian Identity crowd. A great many supposedly ‘anti-Jewish’ Christians just love to quote John 8:44 from the ‘New Testament,’ as a way of demonstrating Jesus’ alleged condemnation of and contempt for the Jews, and only the Jews. This claim is, of course, completely ridiculous and without foundation.

When this quote is taken on its own, yes, one may be inclined to think, 'that’s it, case closed - Jesus was a Jew-hater. No doubt about it.' Or so this particular group of deceitful Christians would like you to believe. Now, in my view, these anti-Jewish Christians are reading way too much into this quotation, which certainly is not, as we will soon find, directed at all Jews. Rather Jesus is directing his venom at the Pharisees, simply because he deemed them corrupt and because they did not 'believe in him.' Quite frankly, after reading such grandiloquent drivel as ‘I am the light of the world’ and ‘If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death,’ I can’t say I blame them. 

The Christian Identity people, who are the biggest proponents of this nonsense, will have you believe that with this quote Jesus is implying that the Jews are quite literally born of the seed of Satan, that they have the genes of the Jewish bible’s arch villain written into their very DNA. Now, of course this is nothing more than an absurd superstition, without any evidence whatsoever to back it up, but it is also taken out of context. It is a classic case of desperate White Christians cherry-picking the ‘good book’ in order for it to fit in with their (supposedly pro-White) world view. 

But if we read John chapter eight in its entirety, we get a very different picture. This chapter is of course, as with the rest of the supposed ‘good news’ book, filled with a lot of contradictions, double talk, riddles and superstition, that there is little wonder that these befuddled Christians are able to read whatever the hell they like into it. In fact, it is rather amusing that after talking so much insane bilge-water, Jesus exclaims with frustration, 'Why do ye not understand my speech?' Because you are a raving lunatic, perhaps? 

Nevertheless, let us look back several verses in the chapter and we find that the Jesus character acknowledges the Jews as being of ‘Abraham’s seed.’ In chapter 8, verse 37, our supposedly infallible ‘Saviour’ states the following drivel: ‘I know that ye are Abraham’s seed; but ye seek to kill me, because my word hath no place in you.’ Now Abraham, if we recall from the Jewish Old Testament, was the swindler and pimp beloved of Yahweh himself. If Jesus literally believed that the Jews are the actual 'spawn of Satan,' why does this character contradict himself so often and in such quick succession? 

Again also, can we really blame the Pharisee Jews, or anybody else, for not giving this buffoon the time of day? I am only surprised that they didn’t laugh him out of the temple rather than maniacally tearing their garments and thronging to slay Jesus by stoning him to death. Obviously, this story is a work of fiction, and I think that even in the days in which the story is set, a time of ignorance and superstition (especially in this part of the world), the Jewish Rabbi’s would no doubt have laughed in the face of such a deluded fellow as this Jesus character and tossed him in the nearest nuthouse. 

Nevertheless, after a little more verbal gymnastics and confusing verbiage, and after the Jewish Pharisees again boast that the oh so wonderful Abraham is their father (which isn’t surprising given their fiendish track record), the fictional Jesus character hilariously makes the following statement in 8:38: ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.’ 

Well, the poor ‘chosen’ darlings of Yahweh do try their best. This passage, of course, implies that Abraham was such a fine fellow, who was always righteous and good. We must remember that these ‘chosen’ reprobates, and evidently the Jesus character himself (who was also a genitally mutilated Jew, according to Luke 2:21), actually regarded the mythical Abraham as the very paragon of a holy man. A man of unswerving faith in Yahweh, and Yahweh in turn lavished so much love, care and attention on him and his progeny.

If you were to read this chapter, and many other favourable references to Abraham, without ever having read the book of Genesis, you would be forgiven for concluding that this Abraham fellow must have been a truly devout and pious fellow, one of the most perfect human beings that ever graced this green Earth, or, in his case, the hot desert. One would never have thought that this character was a typical parasite who, for profit, palmed his own ‘looker’ of a wife (and half sister), Sarah, onto the Egyptian Pharaoh and King Abimelech, thus making Abraham a pimp and Sarah a whore. 

Let us quote the 'great one' again, just so we don’t misunderstand him: ‘If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham.’ So, according to Jesus, if you are not a despicable scoundrel, pimping out your wife and sister to foreigners, and you do not have deep and abiding faith in a mythical desert deity, you are not emulating the wonderful Father Abraham and must be a miserable sinner, doomed to eternal damnation. Or am I reading this wrong? I suppose it's one interpretation, which is as good as any methinks.

Okay, enough fun for one day. Let us summarise: 

a) The mythical Jesus believed that the Jews were the descendants of Abraham, who was in turn said to be a descendant of Adam, and thus a descendant of Yahweh himself. Hence the 'chosen' tribe cock and bull story.

b) When Jesus refers to the Jews as being ‘of your father the devil,’ he is referring to one particular segment or sect of the Jews, namely the pharisees, and speaking metaphorically rather than literally. He refers to the devil as the father of lies, and certainly does not mean that the Jews are the actual biological descendants of Satan himself. 

c) If he did believe that they were quite literally the spawn of Satan, why on Earth would the Jesus character bother attempting to reason with the Jews and inform them that they can attain ‘Salvation’ only through him? Surely they are beyond redemption anyway if this were the case? In fact, according to some Christian Identity people, such as Pastor James Wickstrom, all non-whites and Jews (or even those White people with the tiniest trace of non-white ancestry) are destined for eternal damnation and torment anyway, so this little squabble with the Pharisees in the temple on the mount of olives is completely pointless.

d) But even if he did mean that the Jews are the spawn of Satan, or anybody else is the spawn of Satan for that matter, this whole mess of piffle and garbage is nothing more than a mediocre cock and bull story, one that has unfortunately been edited and revised by a great many intelligent White scholars and scribes throughout the centuries, in order to make this sad merchandise more readable and palatable. 

e) These desperate White Christians need to give up on this tired old argument and accept that their ‘good book’ is not at all vehemently anti-Jewish, but instead a creation of the Jews. The Jewish New Testament is nothing more than a superstitious diatribe, a deadly weapon, a fungus on the brain, formulated to unhinge the minds of the hated White Romans in particular in order to destroy them, and the White peoples of the world in general.

f) Let us White people instead discard such pollution of the mind and embrace a truly racial creed based on the Eternal Laws of Nature, History, Logic and Common Sense; a religion that shuns superstition and gullibility; a religion that fosters racial solidarity amongst White people so as to avoid fratricidal conflict; a religion that is unequivocally pro-White and whose adherents strive for the Redemption and Resurrection of the White Race; a religion that is unabashedly for the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White peoples of the world. That religion is the one and only, true and revolutionary White racial religion, CREATIVITY. I urge all good White people to read Nature's Eternal Religion and the White Man's Bible and let us get our thinking straightened out. It is the only solution.

James Mac.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Racial Religion for White People, A Conversation

A most interesting and entertaining (if surreal) back and forth I had on Facebook with a certain fellow from London, who believes he is on the brink of founding a new racial religion that will lead the White Race to victory. He is critical of CREATIVITY because we Creators don’t aspire to colonise the universe in the foreseeable future. My text is highlighted in red, the other fellow’s in black. Here we go:

Evening Jimmy. I was just curious, what do you do to advance the cause of Creativity?

James Mac
I make my audios - the audio book of Nature’s Eternal Religion is almost complete. I always proselytise. And I always post pro-Creativity stuff online, comments, blogs, etc., always with a CREATIVITY conclusion (‘CREATIVITY is the answer.’). I could always do more, obviously, and I intend to do so. How about yourself? 
See my comment here, posted recently on Facebook: 
‘Why do people keep ‘bigging up’ Vladimir Putin, as though he is ‘secretly’ a pro-White hero, just playing his cards close to his chest. Do yourselves a favour, people, stop deluding yourselves. He’s a stooge of the ‘chosen,’ just like the rest of them. Seriously, what undercover pro-White man would happily marry off his precious White daughter to a Korean, of all things? Not going to happen, people. Not going to happen. As for Putin’s remarks on ‘Euro-Atlantic countries’ turning away from ‘their roots’ (let’s get this straight - our roots are most certainly *not* in Christianity), turning away from the alien and suicidal values of christ-insanity isn’t really a bad thing you know. As a pro-White individual, what key advice did this precious mythical Jesus character ever give to us White people that, if followed, we would guarantee the survival of our most precious asset, Nature’s Finest, the unique White Race? Could it be ‘turn the other cheek’? ‘Love your enemies?’ ‘Pluck out thine eye’? ‘Lay not up treasures’? ‘Sell all thou hast and give it to the scum’? Come on Christians, give me *one* example of your ‘wonderful’ Jesus speaking up for the White Race. I have yet to find a single quote, a single piece of sound advice that is conducive to the betterment of the White Race and the White Race exclusively. (No Christian Identity lunatics need reply. We are *not* the descendants of the lost tribes of Israel, and no sane White person would ever believe that we are. If these sweaty lot ever did get lost, all I can say to that is good riddance.) However, there happens to be one religious creed that does offer sound and practical advice for the survival and advancement of the White Race. A religious text with page after page after page filled with sage advice, pearls of wisdom and common sense that, if adopted and adhered to by the best of the White people in any serious numbers, would lead to the redemption of our people. That religion is CREATIVITY, as set forth in Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen. :) ’
Actually, that wasn’t meant to be such a full on promotion of Creativity, but as you asked me what I do, I thought I would make that my example. 

Yes, that is an awesome reply. But I would extend your answer to mean internet activism? What about in the material world? Oh, and I had no idea Putin married off one of his daughters to a Korean. Though do we know what say he had in the matter? She might have been a rogue, maybe the marriage is for image sake for political ends, we don't know.

James Mac
Mostly Internet, yes, though I do have a habit of lecturing people on the need for a White Racial Religion to counter the Jews and Islam. So yeah, all my family members and more are familiar with Creativity. :) I am fully aware that the promotion of Creativity, or a racial religion, has to go beyond the Internet, though the Internet is an excellent tool for disseminating our ideas. However, if it doesn’t go beyond that, there is the danger that our creed ends up being our ‘dirty little secret’ that we never share with others. That’s a terrible problem with pro-White  (or so-called pro-White) people in general. They agree enthusiastically with what we say online, etc., but wouldn’t dream of trying to convert even their own family members. It’s as though they put our racial values in the same category as Internet porn, satanism or something. :-/ lol
As for Putin’s daughter, apparently he is notoriously secretive about his family and private life in general. Most Russians haven’t even seen his daughters (apparently). In fact, the entire ‘Putin’s daughter marries Korean’ story could be a hoax for all we know. :)

Yeah. If everyone was as passionate as ourselves then it set alight a chain reaction of conversions!
RE Putin, Well, then we can't even use it in evidence if we don't know it to be fact.
Jimmy, lets say Creativity wins the fight, the racial cause is won, there is a global White imperium and the imperial religion is Creativity. Where does it take us from there?

James Mac
Well, I am inclined to say that, once we have regained control of our own destiny and have a well established eugenics program, this is one for our superior racially conscious progeny to decide. But we would always be seeking to advance our gene pool, civilisation and culture to ever greater and nobler heights. Just imagine a world populated by beautiful geniuses (with an average IQ of around 140, 150) and super-geniuses with 200 to 250 IQ’s. I’m pretty sure they could look after themselves. 

Like I thought, there is no higher direction in Creativity. It just says the White race is the most precious and must preserve itself. That is it.

James Mac
Not quite. Preserve and advance. And advance and advance. What more can one ask for?

One would argue that advancement is requisite to preservation. But advance unto what? There is a key element which Creativity misses. And that is that mankind must not just advance leisurely, but furiously, militantly. That is to give us the best shot at survival in the chaos wherein we are blind to our fate and to what lies beyond at each stage. Throughout the entire universe, involving all things, living and non, conscious and non, there is a race toward Godhood.

James Mac
Like you said to me in your recent Facebook post (actually lecturing me on what I had previously stressed to you), there are more immediate and pressing issues than finding out what is going on outside of the universe, or any other mental flight into orbit. Similarly, we White people have to survive and take control of our destiny before we start thinking about intergalactic travel, colonisation of the universe, the multiverse, or whatever it is you have in mind.

No, Jimmy, this is entirely relevant. Our next steps after resolving our Earthly problems follow immediately. They ought to be considered now. Not to mention, this future consciousness which you call unimportant at present, is an inspiring image of the coming ages of man. It carries the effect of being appealing to people even outside of racial interest.

James Mac
We Creators regard this planet Earth as our one and only home, for the next few billion years, if we survive that long, and after that (once the sun has turned into an ice-ball), who knows. In the meantime, we must get to work and ensure the survival of our species, otherwise all of these great theoretical plans for the future are no more than mental masturbation, fantasy land talk - a complete waste of time.

One and only home for the next few billion years?!! Count me out. I would see man spread throughout the cosmos in the next 1,000. Man would have inhabited planets a hundred times greater than all the Earth's splendour combined.

James Mac
Are you still in favour of a planet Earth populated by tens of billions of White people? Is this what you are getting at? You want to travel the galaxy (and beyond that, the universe, and maybe the multiverse and beyond!) and seed various habitable planets with trillions of superior White specimens?

Tens of billions if we have the technological model to support it without eating the planet like a plague of locust.

James Mac
Well, I am not going to say that White people colonising other worlds will never happen (we can never say never), but at the present moment I really don’t see any point in getting worked up about it. We need to keep our feet on the ground, ensure our survival and take back our governments into our own capable, Racially Loyal hands before we go making such dreamy and far-fetched plans for an uncertain future. I admire your passion for the White Race though. ‘Universal omnipotence’ is your vision, I am familiar with that (quite literally the *entire universe!*). What happens when we have populated the universe? Populate another universe, or whatever is beyond that? Why would anyone lie awake at night worrying about such things?

Because, pertaining to the race to God, issues that arise at present require true consciousness. Such as genetic engineering, transhumanism etc. Our consciousness defines our entire behaviour, what we prioritise and ultimately how far we progress in a given time. You cannot argue the time for a religion that illuminates of our eternal direction and cause in the cosmos has not come, just because we are inundated with a racial battle here on Earth. A direction, that is, that is more than just preservation. The eternal mission is survival, Jimmy. In order to survive we must eternally populate higher dimensions, for each dimension has a lifespan, and any that have not transcended it by the time of its death will perish along with it.

James Mac 
Like I said, Creativity is about much more than just preservation, though from an evolutionary point of view this would be perfectly acceptable. Even if we sought to populate the world with nothing but white chavs, there is nothing wrong with this from the point of view of survival of the species. However, we CREATORS have lofty ideals, and are indeed determined to advance the White Race to the glorious heights of the Superman and beyond. One of our many slogans is SURVIVAL, EXPANSION and ADVANCEMENT of the White Race and the White Race exclusively. How can any rational thinking White Racial Loyalist conclude that CREATIVITY and CREATORS have no positive vision for the future? Pure silliness. 

OK, ok. God sake!... There is a void but I can't for the minute describe it any better than I have already. I'll come back with a more clear way of putting it, seeing as I'm obviously not getting across.

James Mac
With all due respect, how many people are going to buy into this idea of universal expansion (that is, quite literally populating the entire cosmos with hundreds of trillions of people), racing to godhood (whatever that means), or whatever? This all does sound a little ‘far-out’ as Americans would say, to put it mildly. 

It's not that it's concerned only with 'the beyond'. The religion relates to every aspect of life, past, present and future. Man ought now to be excited about and focused on space anyway. It is the next step on his path.

James Mac
As I said near the beginning of our conversation, and as I will keep emphasising, first we must regain control of our own destiny. This cannot be reiterated enough. If after a billion years (if our kind are still around at that time) our superior White progeny feel that certain steps must be taken in order to ensure their survival, for the reasons given that appear to so trouble you, I am pretty sure they will be more than well-equipped with the mental faculties and advanced technology to do so.


James Mac
Am I not talking sense? Some have critiqued me that I am ‘too grounded’ for my own good. Is it your view that I need to learn to ‘dream a little’? I am capable of thinking out the box, and I often do. But you know, it’s always good to keep your feet on the ground. (Or at least not go completely round the bend.)
Out of curiosity, what does your good friend Matt make of this problem that so troubles you?

He is fervently on-side. It is a religion that several of us are purveying. Myself, Matt and some others. The best way to describe it, in a nutshell, is revised Cosmotheism. If you call that too dreamy and futuristic beyond call then that is where our similarities end. This is high time for a consciousness that explains everything, from the root of our existence to the farthest reaches of our destiny. Christianity is dying. New  age religions centred on observable scientific truths are rising. What competition do we offer with a religion that is grounded in static preservation? There is little excitement in that and that is one of the problems with the nationalist image; it is archaic and museological. It wants to keep the world how it was 200 years ago. Archeofuturism is a good rival to this. Creativity is not archeofuturistic. Not to mention, our dreams of a better future, not just one that is reversed to a state of racial homogeneity, but one that surpasses all recognition of the present day, inspires and connects with all people, lefties the lot. It is a common ground that if occupied can be used to draw water to our wells. Are you yourself not at all interested in where we will go tomorrow, after this dilemma is over?

James Mac
See, we Creators believe that we would be astounded by the progress of a White Race that has taken control of its own destiny, having implemented and practiced eugenics for many generations. We believe that we will ‘advance forward to new heights never before dreamed of.’ ‘We are interested purely and simply in a religion for the survival of the White Race and the White Race alone, and helping that race advance to heights greater than have ever been dreamed of before.’ I would urge you to read the chapter ‘Our Brilliant Future,’ the final chapter of our Holy Text, Nature’s Eternal Religion (yes, quickly do it now, it’s only a short chapter). I would cut and paste some of the more inspiring excerpts from the chapter and send it in this message, but the message would be too long. I would urge you to just read the chapter in its entirety, for the intellectual value if nothing else. I honestly struggle to understand why an intelligent, academically minded individual such as yourself can’t get excited and inspired by this wonderful idea, why you would blandly dismiss CREATIVITY as ‘preservationist’ and nothing more. Clearly - *CLEARLY* - CREATIVITY is not *just* about preservation of the White Race. Remember: SURVIVAL, EXPANSION and ADVANCEMENT. It seems to me that you are creating unnecessary problems, all of which are in your mind. That is just my opinion.

I have not read beyond chapter 5 of creationism, so I am only going by an evolved understanding of the doctrine that has come from various sources. But talking with you affirms it...

James Mac
Stop typing, you’re supposed to be reading the chapter I recommended! ‘Our Brilliant Future.’'sEternalReligion.pdf

I'll read in a bit... Just ate. Ok, this is short, I will definitely read it all tonight.

James Mac
Yes, around 8 pages. I should be making an audio of that chapter in the coming days. The aim is to have it completed by Ben Klassen’s Birthday.

Although I am not at present succeeding in making you see the difference between our two religions, I know there is a vacuum in creativity which is quite best not ignored. On another note, have you come across the fantasy world of Warhammer 40k before?

James Mac
I’m not massively into computer games. I stopped playing them back in the mid to late 90’s because I was unhappy with how addictive they can be. Maybe that’s why I have an aversion to fantasy, as I can sense it’s addictiveness that causes otherwise intelligent minds to spiral off into orbit.

Not the games, just the fantasy world...

James Mac
No, I think my ignorant answer tells you all you need to know - I am not familiar with this ‘world.’

The 'Space Marines' have a brilliant culture. Warrior monks. They're a militant religious sect set in the future. Heavily entrenched in their faith. The gothic church culture is kept alive alongside all the modern technological advances. Exactly how I imagine it will, and should, play out.

James Mac
Wow. That all looks a bit wild. Dystopian even.

Perhaps you should stop fearing addiction to fantasy and immerse yourself in it. Breathe life into your imagination and lust for the future. It'll do you good I'm sure. Well being a game it can be a bit OTT. But there is a very real element in it. Oh, I forgot to mention. They are a race of genetically engineered superhumans! The whole fantasy is a nationalists wet dream. Well, a nationalist like me that is.

James Mac
Okay, so to summarise. You don’t actually have any (many?) issues with the part of CREATIVITY that seeks to regain control of the White Man’s destiny, but only what will come a million years after we have prevailed over our Jewish overlords? In my mind, that means we don’t really disagree at all. You are simply creating problems - all of which are in your mind. May I just remind you also that we Creators are *not* nationalists. We are Racial Socialists, Racial Loyalists, encompassing and embracing all the good White peoples of the world. Don’t tell me this is another ‘biggie’ you take issue with? 

No issue. Why would there be. Here is a one of the better videos built around the Space Marine ethos. This is the last I'll mention of it, just tell me it doesn't tingle your innards!
"They Are My Space Marines"

James Mac
*checking your video link… see, I check your links, you don’t read my suggestions… :-/*

I promise to get round to it. I just stuffed myself with Bolognese. My capacity for discerning religious doctrine is somewhat incapacitated for an hour or so.

James Mac
I see the weapons of these soldiers have (what appear to be) Latin inscriptions on them. Kind of fits in with Creativity, which promotes Latin as a unifying language for the Whites peoples of the world. The music is very grandiose, and in my view the best part of the video. However, the world in which these people live is a bit of a nightmare, don’t you think? You don’t seem to me to be the type of person who wants to jump inside a huge armoured suit and go out brandishing a huge weapon that could blow up buildings. I could be wrong about this. Am I? Anyway, this fantasy world is set in 40 thousand AD, which isn’t even scratching the surface of what you’re fretting about, which is billions of years down the line. What do you imagine the world, or galaxy rather, to look like at that point?

This particular sci-fi is set in 40kAD, yes, but just because I draw parallels between it and my vision of a future religiously devote warrior humanity doesn't mean I'm thinking 40 thousand years ahead. This 'mode' if you will could (and should) be realised now. As per my vision of the future. Life is eternal struggle. That is my vision. An endless fight against the forces of the cosmos and the life within in and beyond that. But mankind will be born again. He will learn contempt with this struggle, and he will grow to love war as much as he loves peace. It's just life. It wasn't his making, but he sure is subject to it. This is another reason I love the 40k fantasy so much. Therein war and suffering is a natural part of life. Of course there is music and art and all the niceties also, but battle is also an art, and it is nothing to feel grieved about. It is an art that future generations will learn to perfect, and get great enjoyment from. Their entire lives will be devoted to it - that is not war exclusively but the racial ascent in science and technology and exploration etc. You recognise I'm talking about another peoples at the same time, though minus the science part (they were from the old world)... the Spartans. Here is another people whose lives revolved around war. Would you say their civilisation was a 'nightmare'?

James Mac
CREATIVITY is a racial religion that is in harmony with the Laws of Nature, as it must be if we are to ‘promote, propagate, expand and advance the White Race in all perpetuity.’ You will have to excuse me, I’m getting a little tired now. I went out to work today (yes, working on a Sunday), but didn’t sleep very well last night. No, I don’t believe Spartan society is what we ought to aspire to, especially if it means having a mass of Helot slaves that we annually cull in order to keep the quality of their stock down. Perhaps we can resume this conversation another time, and maybe in a Skype call (though I know you are not enthused by the prospect of utilising this wonderful technology). Until another day, be well, and Delenda est Judaica. Möge die helle Flamme unserer Begeisterung niemals zum Erlöschen kommen. :)

Later, Jimmy. I'm sure we can Skype, I'd just rather you came to London and we spoke over tea. RE Spartan society. That is a very dirty thing you did there. I was speaking about an element of Spartan society, which is their devotion to fighting. You can't dispel this element by judging other elements, such as their reliance on and treatment of slaves, which I agree is ridiculous. But I was merely using them as an example of a fighting peoples, like Warhammer's 'Space Marines', that also had a brilliant society. In Sparta women had most rights than anywhere else in the world at the time. There was no capitalism, no wealth and no greed (gold was forbidden and Spartans traded with iron bars). Although little archaeological findings exist they had statues and art the same as any place. And their devotion to fighting bought them survival and prosperity for as long as their system lived. Not quite the 'nightmare' you envisioned.